About Forever Living Products

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In 1978, in Tempe, AZ, United States; Rex Maughan started a company called Forever Living Products International. A company that became not only the largest Aloe Vera company but also the best aloe vera company in the entire world. Based on years of experience, innovation, solid values and outstanding quality control, Great team of people, Forever Living Products continues to grow towards unbelievable success and 2019 and 2020 will be amazing for Forever.

Truly international as Forever Living operates in over hundred and fifty countries around the world and continuously keeps growing. Forever runs business without any debt which makes it financially very stable when it comes to economic changes in the world. A company that is true example, a model for all other organizations.

There are many firms that produce aloe vera products, but Forever is THE aloe vera company because Forever grows aloe on their own land, processes aloe using patented stabilization process, manufactures their own products and supplies it directly to customers using a process called vertical integration. Naming this process From Plant to Product to You! That is incredible.

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